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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is LideKeys located?

LideKeys is strictly online-only. There is no store to go to in Toronto. However, we have made it possible to contact the owner directly through Discord or Instagram. 

What makes LideKeys affordable?

Soldering tools can be expensive and for those who only need it to build one single keyboard, it may not be worth the investment. We make owning a custom mechanical keyboard more convenient and affordable since it is already built when its delivered or picked up (Pick up only available within the GTA)

Most people just build their own keyboards so why do it as a business?

We understand that for most people they may prefer to build the keyboard on their own. The purpose of LideKeys is to assist those who may not be comfortable to solder or have the time to spend hours to research on a keyboard that fits their needs and preference.

How much does it cost?

Fill out the form above and we’ll get back to you with a total price. All prices in the shop are starting prices and does not include shipping and sales tax.

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